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Title: Plomeek Soup
Rating: G
Universe: Reboot.
Characters: Kirk/Spock Pre-Slash
Words: 1,452
Summary: Spock is sick, and Kirk is going to take care of him whether he likes it or not.
Disclaimer: I own nothing; no profit is being made.
A/N: This is my first fanfic, and this is un-betaed, though it is edited.  If anyone wants to beta is for me, let me know.

"Captain, your presence is not required here," Spock said struggling to sit up in bed, looking thoroughly pitiful. His face had almost no color in it, his skin looked clammy even though occasional shivers shook Spock's entire body. His hair was ruffled and mussed in a way that he never would have permitted normally. Even sitting up, he clutched the covers around himself, trying to hold in the warmth. "I assure you, Vulcan are quick capable of caring for themselves, even when incapacitated by illness."
"Spock, I am not leaving you alone during what is supposed to be your shore leave," JIm said. "So you can just lie back down and deal."
"Captain, I must insist that you leave."
Jim rolled his eyes. "I'm not leaving Spock."
"According to Starfleet regulations, personal quarters are under the purview of the occupant. I am well within my rights to insist that you leave." Even when sick, looking thoroughly pitiful with his four blankets, mussed hair, and pile of wadded up tissues that had escapes the confines of the overflowing waste basket, Spock managed to break out the 'your intelligence level is rivaled by a slow child' voice. He even sniffed in distain. No, wait, that was definitely more of a sniffle than a sniff.
Jim surpressed a grin, he doubted Spock would appreciate knowing how adorably pitiful he looked right now. "As soon as you were placed on medical leave, personal necessary to speed recovery have the right to over rule the patient."
"I am not on medical leave, and you are not medical personal." He almost sounded sulky. Jim gave up on holding down his smile, and beamed at Spock.
"Do I need to call Bones so he can force you to let me make you Vulcan chicken soup?"
"Vulcans are vegetarians." There was definite sulk there.
Jim waved his hand in the air, "Yeah, yeah. Thats why I said Vulcan chicken soup. Or the Vulcan equivalent of chicken soup. Whatever. What do Vulcan Mums bring their kids when they feel miserable."
"Vulcans do not engage in the sentimentality of..." Spock trailed off at Jim's Eyebrow of Doom. That's right, Jim had eyebrows too, and he knew how to use them. "Plomeek soup. My mother brought me plomeek soup."
"Great, we'll just order some up then, and after I can keep you company until you fall asleep."
"The replicators do not produce Vulcan foods."
"What! Spock, we've been in the black for over a year! Why haven't you said something before this? Its not like reprogramming the replicators is hard."
Spock raised one eyebrow at Jim's antics, though the look he was going for was completely ruined by a sneeze. "As the only Vulcanoid on board, it would be an illogical use of resources to reprogram the replicators just to satisfy my own tastes. I can easily subsist on Terran vegetarian fare."
"Yeah whatever. I'll be right back." Jim glared at Spock. "And I will be back, and I will have Plomeek soup, and if you try to lock me out I will have Bones use his medical overide and you will get to explain to him why your ass isn't in sickbay. So lie down, and don't complain that someone whats to take care of you."

When Jim got back, he was carrying a PADD that was very clearly not Starfleet issue and very nearly bouncing. "You feeling up to doing some cooking? I hacked into the Enterprise's replicator database, but when I tried to pull recipes off the nets, I realised that there were as many versions of Plomeek soup as chicken soup, so I figured I better ask."
"You hacked into the Enterprise's internal systems in order to make me soup?"
"Well, yeah."
"Starfleet PADDs are protected from accessing parts of the internal system that they are not authorized for."
Jim shrugged, "Not like anyone who went past basic programming couldn't get through that protection anyway. But not an issue in the first place, since I didn't use a Starfleet PADD." Jim waved the PADD he was carrying at Spock. "This baby has way more power than the 'appropriately field tested' PADDs they saddle Starfleet with. She's top of the line. Practically reads my mind."
Spock blinked. "Non-Starfleet issue PADDs must be registered and locked against ship system access."
"Yeah, yeah. Registered the PADD, and broke the system access block 15 minutes later. They really need to get better programmers on the data blocks." Jim tilted his head to the side, "That would be a good side project for us if we ever get bored of chess. Your Kobyashi Maru system took me weeks to hack. That's pretty epic."
"Captain, hacking into the Enterprise's systems sets a bad example for the ensigns."
Jim rolled his eyes. "Its not like I tell them. besides, Scotty knows that I am in the guts of the program, so it's all on the up and up. Mostly." Jim beamed at Spock, who just looked at him with disapproval. The look lacked the severe eyebrow action that marked actual disapproval, so Jim decided Spock approved. "Anyway, scoot over, and we'll make you some soup."
"If you intend me to respond, I would suggest you make an effort ot be comprehensible."
Jim rolled his eyes. "Move over so I can sit next to you, and we can look at soup recipes."
"Is there anything that would dissuade you from this course of action?"
"Very well then, I will 'scoot' as you put it." Spcok moved over, and Jim plopped down on the bed next to him, moving the box of tissues into Spock's lap, before arranging the pillows so they could both recline.
"There we go. Now I have no idea what should be going into this soup, so you're really going to have to help narrow down these recipes. And apparently there is a bland and a spicy version? Which one did you want? We can start there." Jim's fingers danced nimbly over the PADD screen, calling up the various recipe codes he pulled off the nets.
"The spicy version would be acceptable."
Jim nodded without looking up. "Good, that narrows it down. I tried to isolate the recipes that only used molecular structures based on vulcan plant life, but the algorythm I modified has some fuzzy edges, so we'll probably have to narrow it down manually once we figure out what we are looking for. And I am not beneath hacking together several of these code maps until we get it right. Should I send the data files I have to your PADD as well, or did you just want to tell me the specifications so I can narrow it down?" Jim glanced up at Spock to find him staring at him openly. Jim shrugged self conciously and rubbed the back of his neck with the hand not holding the PADD. "Allergies mean I'm pretty good at hacking together things I can eat without killing myself."
Jim flashed him a smile before looking back down at the PADD, fingers flying once again. "I figured we could start with Plomeek soup, then move on to the rest of the major Vulcan dishes. I can do the grunt work while you rest, and then you can give me the specifications I should be looking for when you feel up to it. Maybe we should tackle tea next, because there is no way that the crap you drink is really what it's supposed to taste like."
Spock's silence made Jim glance up again, only to find Spock still staring. "What?"
"Captain... Jim. I..." Spock closed his eye for a moment, taking a deep breath. "Thank you."
Jim's faced flushed. "It's just, you're the best first officer in the fleet, and you're always taking care of me. You just deserve it, you know?"
Spock just kept staring, Jim getting redder and redder, until finally, Spock bent over the PADD Jim was holding and said, "81.82% of these ingredients are native to Vulcan, however only 63.64% are traditionally used in Plomeek soup."
Jim grabbed the change of subject eagerly. "Excellent! Then we can build from here then."

By the end of shoreleave, nine different renditions of Plomeek soup had been tried, the final version being deemed acceptable; Jim was informed that the 'crap that he drank' was in fact proper Vulcan tea -- one of the only recipes that the replicator had correct; and they were on the third redition of four other Vulcan dietary staples. Spock appeared to be completely recovered by the end of the third day, but Jim kept showing up at Spock's door every morning, non-regulation PADD in hand. Spock didn't try to throw him out.


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